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Be aware when running a family business. Special favours for your family members may demotivate regular employees and cause conflicts.
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Write in the correct form of the words in brackets

  1. They received me Help . (cold)
  2. You are Help to win the game. (fortune)
  3. Wild animals can be Help . (danger)
  4. It’s Help to me how many people think Obama has a chance to become president. (amaze)
  5. We were welcomed Help . (warm)
  6. The accident was caused by Bob. He is a very Help man. (care)
  7. The concert was Help from what I’d expected. (differ)
  8. The beach was Help with the young people. (crowd)
  9. The restaurant is Help for its Italian food. (fame)
  10. Raymond is not Help in the photography. (interest)
  11. I am so Help of you! (pride)
  12. I’m Help of teaching. (tire)
  13. I was very Help when I saw him for the first time. (surprise)
  14. I expected the film to be better. I was Help . (disappoint)
  15. The coffee tastes Help. . (strange)
  16. Don’t be so Help . (seriously)
  17. That dress and this one are Help . (like)
  18. He smiled Help . (irony)
  19. I find some songs quite Help . (relax)
  20. All the team members are working Help . (efficient)
  21. We can expect future generations to be Help than we are. (rich)
  22. This is a Help source for official statistics. (value)
  23. Here’s another more Help way to think about this. (construct)
  24. And that’s definitely Help, at least psychologically. (reinforce)
  25. It all happened so Help . (quick)

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Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. podnośnik hydrauliczny
    hydraulic lift
  2. sprzęt
  3. talia
  4. zwijać w rolkę
  5. pranie brudnych pieniędzy
    money laundering
  6. korkociąg
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