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If you need only a small business, advertise yourself cheaply. Make simple leaflets and photocopy them up to 300, then spread them to have some instant customers.
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Put one suitable preposition in each space.

  1. The government was debating the new bill ten days.
  2. They received a consignment alcoholic drinks.
  3. This programme proved to be unsuccessful due to lack funds.
  4. Simon Bens is the author of Love first sight.
  5. I am not surprised his behaviour.
  6. Pauline had great admiration her mother.
  7. Many young people become addicted drugs.
  8. This task was successufully carried .
  9. I can’t come with a solution to the problem.
  10. These paintings really get me .
  11. Victoria has fallen with her boss.
  12. This milk has gone .
  13. The newest system was created collaboration with my old friends.
  14. Don’t cry, I will sort your problem.
  15. We must explain why British consumers have been ripped for the past 50 years.
  16. We are working the agreement.
  17. Don`t lean the door.
  18. He asked of curiosity.
  19. I will arrive airplane.
  20. Edward was blamed the accident.
  21. Max and Monica reported that matter to me yesterday.
  22. My room smells . roses.
  23. This is divided two parts.
  24. Are we insured fire?
  25. I would like to congratulate my sister her birthday.
  26. You can always count me!
  27. I can’t put with this noise!
  28. Are American governments really averse inequality?
  29. We are not ashamed admit it!
  30. What’s all this confusion . ?

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Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. chlorowodór
    hydrogen chloride
  2. ławka rezerwowych
    the substitute`s bench
  3. zupa-krem z kurczaka
    cream of chicken soup
  4. ustawa o działalności gospodarczej
    Business Activities Act
  5. równaj w prawo!
    right dress!
  6. gol samobójczy
    own goal
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Czasy Angielskie

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