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General English

1) Teach English in Dubai – An Exciting Place to Teach English » 2010-10-04
Standing among the world's most progressive architecture and structural design, Dubai is certainly one of the places you should visit if you would like to see the most advanced and the most genuine structures out there.
2) Top 5 Tips to Help Absorb a Foreign Language » 2010-10-04
Helpful for those studying a foreign language in school, as well as those hoping to pick it up on their own.
3) Body language and job interview » 2010-01-19
Seems to you that suitable qualifications, good education or wide experience are enough to gain an ideal job? You’re wrong! If you do not present yourself properly during the job interview- you can lose everything.
4) From kitsch to bestseller » 2009-09-04
"A breathtaking, marvellous work involving one of the most romantic love stories of last times" such and similar opinions I could hear about doubtfully great book called Twilight. The citations have come from everywhere- impressed friends, wide read press, popular radio stations and TV- everybody literally adore that trivial and naive story about ‘passionate’ romance between vampire and one teenage chick.
5) Tips for Writing Effective Brochures » 2009-05-17
By keeping these tips in mind as you create your next brochure, you can produce an effective piece of marketing that goes well beyond a glossy, slick advertisement.
6) 8 Simple Ways To Make Free Money » 2009-03-06
If you need money fast you don't want to miss this! Covered are eight ways to make money almost instantly without having to invest money or waste a lot of your precious time!
7) How to Wish Happy Birthday in Different Languages » 2009-03-06
Whether it's your birthday or the birthday of some one close to you, it'll always be an occasion that remains the reservoir ...
8) Jak wspomóc naukę języka angielskiego? » 2009-03-06
Samodzielnie uczącym się języka angielskiego (ale i nie tylko) polecamy poniższe linki.
9) … and I pronounce you husband and wife - wedding customs in the world. » 2009-02-22
White dress, veil, church, wedding party and lots of guests- mostly such associations connect with vision of getting married.
10) Najprzydatniejszy rodzaj inteligencji. » 2009-02-22
Są różne rodzaje inteligencji . Jednak inteligencja językowa to najbardziej przydatny rodzaj inteligencji w naszym życiu, czy karierze zawodowej.
11) Stress Factor » 2009-02-09
A short article about stress, what it can do in your life and how to deal with it. A free-to-use article.
12) The power of Barbie » 2009-02-09
"Mummy! Mummy! Buy me Barbie!" - little girls scream all over the world. What is the secret of this blond beauty who this year celebrates her 50th anniversary? Why has she become so successful? Shops are full with beautiful toys; however Barbie still enjoys considerable popularity - why is it so?
13) 10 Greatest Pop Culture Icons » 2009-01-30
Beauty, fame and talent... is it enough to become a pop culture icon? Obviously, these are vital qualities that should characterize such people but besides this features it also could do with a little bit of charm, grace and exceptionality.
14) International English Language Jobs » 2009-01-29
Many employers throughout the world are offering English language jobs of varying types to people who speak and write well in English.
15) Vampire phenomenon in a literature and cinema » 2009-01-23
Dark, enigmatic creature feeding on the blood from its victims, almost immortal monster coming straight from the hell… A character adored by variety writers and movie makers known as a vampire is not only a trivial figure that is supposed to give some fun for thirsty of thrilling emotions teenagers- it’s also a legendary being.

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