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Using computer and an Internet in English Learning"

Computers and an Internet is an important element in the educational experience of many students. They offer more interesting materials, which facilitate the process of learning languages. From a very young age, children learn how to use the computers. The fact is that computers and an Internet are educational and fun. More and more students bagan to notice the good points of using the Computers and an Internet while learning English language.

One of the main advantages is the time that can be saved when we use a computer. Students can do their homeworks faster than they could do in the past. They can use different dictionaries on-line instead of spending time in libraries. Magazines, newspapers, films, English music are on the Internet and students can read or listen to them on their computers. Everything is in one place and the information is very easy to find. So, students can get the information they need much faster on their computers.

What is more, now there are a lot of English learning programs on the computer. These programs teach grammatical structures, teach new vocabulary, help students with pronunciation, and help them to prepare for tests.

Also, students can always stay in touch with friends. When a friend lives in another country a student can use an e-mail or one of the many messaging programs and write or speak in English to someone. In this way, students exercise their language skills. Thanks to the Internet, can also meet many new people all over the world who speak in English using chat rooms, for example.

Moreover, The world wide web is a source of different games, puzzles, or other activities in English. They also teach students their language skills.

To sum up, computers and an Internet play an important role at our schools. There are more advantages than disadvantages of using these learning tools. They have changed our methods of learning English for the better.

Dodano: 2008-11-30 20:27:09

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