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Top 7 Ways to Automate Your Business and Make More Money

If you aren`t automating as much of your business as possible, you`re leaving money on the table. Although you can`t usually automate your email or support desk, you can reduce support desk issues by automating other areas of your business and reducing your support tickets.

With email, the best way to reduce the time you waste is to simply unsubscribe from as many lists as possible, especially those where the site owner wants to send you an offer every day.

Below are seven ways to automate your business so you focus only on tasks that make you money:

1. Autoresponders

Autoresponders are the absolute best way to automate your business. Use your autoresponders to automatically deliver messages to your lists. Since autoresponders allows automatic subscribe/unsubscribe, you won`t waste time removing readers from your lists.

Autoresponders will also allow you to schedule messages to go out when you need them to. This will save you time because you won`t have to post the messages when you want them to go out. Simply schedule them to go out even if you`re not there.

2. Blogging Script

Not all blogging scripts are created equal. Some will allow you to schedule posts to post when you want them to and other won`t. Find a blogging script that allows you to future post. Although this is only semi-automated instead of automated, it allows to write posts when you can and have them post when you need them to.

3. Website Script

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of content management systems available on the internet. A good website script will use cron jobs or some other method to post information when you need it to. Look for website scripts that allow you to automate as many tasks as possible.

4. Submission Tools

The more basic your marketing plan, the better. It only takes one good internet marketing technique to make your business. Look for scripts, like article submission scripts or services, or other software to do your submissions for you. Not only will you save hours and hours, your business will be marketing even when you`re not there. Examples of scripts are sites like Article Marketer and US Free Ads.

5. OTOs/Upsells

A one time offer is an offer the subscriber or buyer only sees one time. An upsell is where you offer the subscriber or buyer an additional offer. Use these offers everywhere you can on your sites. It`s a chance for you to earn additional income on autopilot.

6. Product Sales Scripts/Shopping Carts

When you set up the payment processing for your products, especially if they`re digital, it`s a good idea to use some type of script to automate the process. Once your business takes off, it can be quite tedious to send individual emails for each product download. Make your delivery instantaneous.

7. Affiliate Program Management

If you are a one person business, you need to automate as much as possible and focus on marketing and product creation. This will help you get the most money out of your business. If you sell digital products, sites like Clickbank will handle customer service for you. Automate the product delivery for your site every step of the way. Test it to make sure it works, and it will pretty much run on autopilot.

Don`t let your business run you. Don`t waste your time doing tasks you can automate. You`ll save time and make more money.

Article Source: Top 7 Ways to Automate Your Business and Make More Money

Author: Jinger Jarrett

"Learn How to REALLY Start Your Business in 30 Days": Free Ecourse. Free copy: "Affiliate Money Machine". Earn money from affiliate programs in 7 days or less. Jinger Jarrett is the author of "Internet Marketing for Free, The GUIDE", available on Amazon.

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