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Start Your Own Computer Repair Business Now? You Bet!

Author: John Dow

It's very easy to get dragged down by all the bad news in the financial and housing sectors. You hear news about unemployment on the rise, businesses failing, and consumers not spending. The government is trying to bolster the economy with huge injections of money. And you want to start your own computer repair business in this economy? Well, yes.

There's a popular insurance company commercial running right now where they point out that their company started in business in 1931. This was at the beginning of the worst depression our country ever experienced. And they bring up some very valid points of why it obviously was a good idea.

Think about this, the fact remains that if the unemployment is at 7.3%, then 92 people out of 100 still have jobs. And if people aren't spending money on items they shouldn't, is that a bad thing? There are comparisons back to the Great Depression, and there are similarities, but the numbers from today's economy are no where near the numbers from the early 30's. And the causes back then on over speculation do echo our current issues of overspending and inflating assets. But several elements that had a huge impact during that period are not present today.

And life goes on, regardless. The biggest obstacle I see in any new business venture is the ability to seize the opportunity, which has always been an issue during good times and bad. You can always come up with reasons not to start a business, that's what separates the winners from the never gave it a shot folks.

The key in starting your own business is that you have the opportunity to make it work. Good business and marketing practices work in good times and bad. And in bad times, there is less competition. It's a natural cleansing of the market place. We've had downturns in the early 70s, 80s, and 90's. You may also remember the aftermath of the 2001 terroist attacks.

All of these periods were difficult times for the economy and small businesses. And challenges exist for any business in a tighter market. But when you have your own business, you have the ability to adapt and are not dependent on others. And that is a huge advantage for any small business.

The Computer Repair business is a service business, and not so dependent on new equipment sales. In fact, if people keep their equipment longer, that's an advantage to Computer Repair companies. Companies often will choose to spend less to fix a computer than replace it.

Owning your own business and being able to make quick changes is an advantage. Increasing value, expanding services, increasing effectiveness are all factors that can be implemented quickly. Being able to respond to the changes in the marketplace is a powerful advantage.
The advantages for starting your own Computer Business are the same now as any time. You don't need a huge inventory, elaborate facilities, or special equipment. Start up and operation costs are minimal. Computers are going to wear out or break down in good times or bad. Viruses, spyware, software glitches, and breakage don't stop in a slow economy.

The basic elements of running a Computer Repair business don't change due to the economic conditions. In order to be successful in good times or bad, you need to implement tried and true business practices and effective marketing techniques.

It's always easier to wait than to act, that's human nature. Planning, waiting for the perfect time and market, finding reasons not to start right now are easier than doing it. And starting your own business is, and always will be, a huge and life changing decision.

Starting your own Computer Repair Business has many advantages and rewards. Is it right for you? That's a question you'll have to answer for yourself. Having good computer and software skills are important but knowing how to manage and market your skills is the key to success.

Talk to any small business owner and they will tell you that it was a tough choice, about the hard times and difficulties in starting a new business. Then you ask them if they would do it again if they had the chance to go back to the beginning, and they all say "You bet!

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About the Author:
John Dow owns and operates a Computer Repair business in Texas. Find out how you can start your own computer repair business and tips and tricks on marketing and day to day operations by clicking here Start Your Own Computer Repair Business.
Dodano: 2009-03-06 19:25:09

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