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Prague Everything From Hiking To Shopping

The outskirts of the city boasts a range of hiking trails that range from mild walks for those looking for a light amble to very intense hikes for the hardcore mountaineers.

There is a lot of extreme sport that happens in the city, and this includes rock climbing. Even if you have never tried this, you will have the opportunity to learn when you are in Prague. You can buy or rent all your climbing equipment when you are there and you can also book climbing lessons with one of the many professional teachers in the city.

If, however, climbing mountains is not your idea of fun then you will be able to revel in the amazing architecture the city has to offer. Prague is a great place to appreciate both old and new architecture at the same time. This is because the city has grown immensely over the last few decades and new buildings of world class standards have been built around the old buildings that have stood for centuries.

If you find the right hotel, you could even find yourself staying in an architectural wonder a building that has stood unchanged for centuries. The best way to find out about the history of your hotel will be to ask the hotel staff. You can also ask the hotel staff about the best places to visit. Although you will be able to get much of this information from a travel guide or a travel brochure, the locals will be able to point you to places that you would ordinarily not have had the chance to see. These places will be the things you will find yourself telling your friends about and not the places that all the other tourists will have seen.

If you are staying for more than a week then you should consider staying in a self-catering holiday apartment. This will work out cheaper in the long term and having your own kitchen will also allow you to experience the Prague cuisine for yourself. You can find the freshest ingredients at one of the many markets around the city and then enjoy a home cooked meal with a bottle of fine wine.

The restaurants in Prague are a mixture of western eateries and authentic Prague cuisine. Whatever your taste, you will not go hungry. The prices are reasonable and depending on where you go you will always be left feeling happily full and content. You should try and eat as many of the local dishes as you can and visit as many family-owned shops as possible. This is the only way you will get the full holiday experience.

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