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Imagine a Fountain of Chocolate at Your Service

Chocolate fountain is a marvellous device to melt down chocolate. Fountains that are used commercially can melt a large quantity of chocolate in one occasion while fountains that are purchased for home use can melt six pounds of chocolate in one serving.

The melting and servings quantity:
A twenty nine inches chocolate fountain that is medium in size can serve almost hundred to two hundred and fifty individuals. Not only this but as the fountain can operate for a very long span of time the addition of chocolate in the fountain through out the occasion can serve more as well. A small fountain of sixteen inches height can serve a good number too. A tall fountain that can be upto fifty three inches long can feed from two hundred and fifty to unrestricted number of people in a gathering.

One can use various types of fruits such as strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels or even cookies while serving the chocolate. A chocolate fountain can also be in use out door but within a demarcation for two reasons. First because the chocolate`s fragrance and aroma will attract insects such as fly`s etc. second, the chocolate demands to be kept warm at a constant temperature therefore the breeze or sun can destabilize its temperature.

Usually the weight of a medium size chocolate fountain is eighty five pounds while it can also weight upto ninety pounds. What ever the kind and size of a fountain they all have three tires. They require 110 or 220 voltage for running which is a convenient power requirement.

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Author: awais

The author works for who specialise in chocolate fountains. The website provides chocolate fountain hire services to make your event more special.

Dodano: 2008-11-30 20:26:59

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