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A luxury hotel/holiday at an affordable price.
A remarkable exhibition.
Book now for discount prices.
Special rates for newly-weds.
Friendly people.
Good shopping facilities.
Many types of accommodation.
High standards of hygiene.
Attractive coastline.
Sporting facilities.
Marvellous beach.
Magnificient seafood restaurant.
Impressive attraction.
Long, wide beach.
Attractive fishing village.
Picturesque coastline.
Get away from it all.
A world-famous centre.
The area famed for its .... .
Fabulous green spaces.
If you like exploring, you’ll love .... .
It appeals to visitors of all ages.
Don’t waste time.
Ultimate sightseeing with ... .
It’s more than a day out.
It’s a lifetime of memories.
Hot attractions for active families.
Explore somewhere new.
... packed with ...
The most popular destanation.
You’ll love it.
For more inspiration go to ... .
An easy-going atmosphere.
The restaurant/hotel is air-conditioned.
The food is home-made.
Get some quite and peace.
Happiness on Earth.
There’s no place like ... .
Beyond your dreams.
Find yourself here.
Full of surprises.
Right here.
Simply wonderful.
So much to discover.
Sounds good.
Open for business.
The spirit of heaven.
The promise of life.
It starts here.
Probably the best place in the world.
It’s all about you.
A taste of paradise.
Get close to nature.
A land you will never forget.
Stunning scenery.
Famous tourist attractions.
And you want to stay here forever.
Where life is simpler.
Get the best for less.
Get up and go.
And call me a happy Man.
Discover more.
We make some noise.
Catch the wind/nature.
Click here.
Taste us!
Touch your heart/soul.
Completely unspoilt.
Relax in pleasant surroundings.
We welcome you now.
Well-kept secret.
Closer to home.
You’ll find it all here.
... provides everything you need ...

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Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. komitet doradczy
    advisory committee
  2. wózek dla lalek
    doll`s pram
  3. przyłącze gazowe
    gas terminal
  4. niezdolność do pracy
    inability to work
  5. służebność
  6. związywać razem
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Czasy Angielskie

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