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A Website for a Company

The Internet and the World Wide Web have caught the fancy and the imagination of the world, cutting across national borders and transcending the limitations imposed by racial differentiations. Graduating from a mere communication medium, Internet has become the hub of trade, commerce and high-volume business. Knowledge Dissemination and education have become full-fledged and flourishing activities through the Internet. The need for a website for big companies, business houses , small enterprises and even individuals have become essential rather than being a luxury. With the Domain Registration, Web Hositng and other charges connected with the website, dropping drastically, owning a website has become affordable. But just like any other business activity, owning a website too has become laden with pitfalls and dangerous slippery ground. Unscrupulous , fly-by-night , operators have laid neat webs to trap unsuspecting visitors who crawl into their parlour. This is the chief reason for our attempt here to try and educate the average internet-savvy individual about the lurking perils that confronts one during the attempt to own a website. This is but a cursory look at the basics about owning a website for your company.

The first step here is to choose a professional, qualified web designer and developer for your website. Interact with him and apprise him of your business needs and what you expect from the website. The professional designer and web developer would offer you his suggestions regarding the functionalities and tools that are required for the website to perform optimally. Once this stage is overtaken, then rest becomes easy. The web developer designs a website with the appropriate number of pages and frames, incorporating just the right amount of animation and graphics. The aim here is to load the webpage quickly to attract any potential internet visitor or a client to the website. The website is ready. The next step is to choose a name that quickly links your business to the website. This name selection has to be done carefully as it is a most significant step.

Domain Name Registration has to be done through a reputed, ICANN approved registrar. The registration has to be done with full details and admin rights have to be demanded and obtained from the registrars. This is imperative to prevent domain name hijacking resorted to by many slick operators. Web Hosting is the next logical step . The entire content of your website is to be hosted on a high-end server, the space being provided for an annual consideration by a web hosting services provider. The service provider will provide you with email ids and he will point your website to the domain name. Choosing a web hosting service provider has to be strictly on merits and not on cost considerations.

Your website is now ready and has been launched. Any one visitor who types the name of your website in the address bar of the web browser ,would be taken to the website instantaneously. The website address is an alphabetical representation of the numerical Internet Protocol Address. The business of owning a website does not end with the launching of a website. The responsibility actually doubles from here. The website has to be updated continuously and it has to be maintained by professional website developers. Web site maintenance, content updation and periodical software upgrades etc are taken care of by the web developer under an Annual Maintenance Contract, if you are really serious about your website.

There are plenty of website developers and web designers around the globe. The focus of these activities are shifting to India and other third world countries. Because of the abundant availability of trained and skilled manpower and other infrastructures like work stations, technology and communication facilities. Outsourcing for web development has become a blooming business. Stick to the basics like interaction with the web developer, choosing the right web developer and incorporating just the right amount of high tech tools like animation, movies and graphics in your website. Maintain the website promptly and update regularly. Your Website would survive for a long time and would attract a lot more hits than a routine , launched and forgotten websites.

A website is your company`s calling card. Keep it tidy and attractive. Never discard it.

Article Source: A Website for a Company

Author: PKP IYER

PKP Iyer, Editor, Excellone Technologies ( ) and Java Development India ( ). Our company offer Technology solutions using Java such as SPRING, J2EE, J2ME for Software Application Development and IT Outsourcing services from our offshore software development centre in India.

Dodano: 2008-11-30 20:26:38

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